DYMCHURCH has a long history as a small fishing village with it’s 12th century church, there are three ancient Inns, white walled or tile-hung cottages which at one time were thatched. To the rear of the village is the rich sheep grazing grasslands of The Romney Marsh, but most of all is the vital sea wall which protects us all. Roman remains have been found when works on the wall had been undertaken. It was in the 1920s when Dymchurch was discovered by the visitors who came here for our beautiful sands, old fisherman cottages were converted for them, water for drinking was delivered by yoke, motorcars and motor-buses bought the people here. Shortly after this, week-end holiday homes were being built around the village. Thanks to Edward Case who designed a system of groynes and improvements to the sea wall, it became known as “The Children’s Paradise” because of the vast sands and safe bathing. Caravans and Chalets sprung up everywhere which makes it what it is today.


There are also The Martello Towers and the world famous Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway and so much more.


The Heritage Group has a wealth of history together with many records for research.


For example :-

Parish records, Census returns, Trials held in New Hall, Gaol records, a huge database of pictures, School records, Birth, Deaths and Marriages, Workhouse records, Tithe maps with a list of land and property with their owners and tenants.


This is to name just a few of the huge database of records we have.

Dymchurch Village