Our Events for 2019

John Pearce - “Murder Comes Gift Wrapped”

Keith Swallow “Dungeness History”

7th May 

75th Anniversary of V.E. Day, see seperate leaflet.

Daphne Charman - "Deadmans Island"

18th June 

To be arranged 

17th September 

15th October

19th November 

Join our Facebook page Dymchurch & District Heritage Group where you will see pictures and stories added by the members.

Please see Margaret if you are Interested, and have your name added to the list.

Website: www.dymchurchheritagegroup.co.uk 

Email: dymchurchheritagegroup@gmail.com

19th March

16th April

Visit to Lydd Town Hall & Museum (Meet there at 2pm)

8th & 9th May

21st May 

"Members Evening"

Heritage Afternoon 2-5pm at New Hall

Dr. Pat Argar - "Hop Picking"

“Members Evening”

AGM & Andrew Ashton ”Not Just Santa" A Fascinating talk about St. Nicholas

We hope to carry forward many of these events when we come out of Lockdown and things are back to near normal.